“M.O.G the real” was born in Dayton Ohio as Kyle Carver Jr.

At age of 32 he is the owner and founder of G Praise Entertainment located in Greensboro, NC.

Mog’s father was a well-known singer and native of Dayton, OH. With a family history of musical talents MOG found himself interested in creating different types of music at an early age. MOG’S journey of becoming a writing sensation began at the age of seven. MOG has been creating music since the age of seven but the album GPRAISE is one of his most recognized project.

His passion is showing people that God is our source though the expression of his writing music and testimony of his past. He expresses, “I want to spark the minds of the new culture, to challenge themselves to be positive, to teach people something better than I was taught”. He doesn’t consider his music just gospel rap but he considers it inspirational messages to inspire others.

The album “GPraise” is his first Christian/ Inspirational album. G Praise is filled with real life experiences embedded with a conscious vibe that captures visions of his past, present, and future relationship with God. In this album he worships, praises, and encourages people of all ages and lifestyles.

MOG The Real uses his past to speak to youth about the experiences that lead him on a positive path today. His desire is to educate and motivate youth with challenges in their communities and environment to change their outcome.

In the near future MOG the Real Hope’s to work with major artist to continue to motivate and inspire the young and older community.